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How to buy the right Polo shirt for yourself - 2014-09-16 11:01:47

Polo T-Shirts are one of the popular and comfortable shirts and most people, men in particular, are very happy to wear them. Polo shirts are also more flexible in the way they can be worn from workplace, to dinner, and on to a night out. With the collar design, Polo Shirts can keep the wearer cool but also prevent them against the sunburn. Now, men in particular, dress the Polo shirts with the coller poping up. To dress up a Polo shirt from day to evening, choose a shirt in a muted color such as grey, navy, black or beige and then, for the evening, add a multi-colored belt or one that's got detailing such as studs or an intricate buckle that adds interest to your overall appearance.

Because of its popularity, people almost have polo shirt in their wardrobe. But does your polo shirt is in good quality? And it is fit for you? How to choose the comfortable polo shirt is the big knowledge for people. Some tips are listed following.



1. Decide what the use of the polo shirt will be.

If the polo shirt is to be worn for a golf game, choose a breathable shirt such as the North Face Men's Whistler Zip Polo Shirt. Choose a textured polo shirt for the women for a special outdoor occasion. Choose regular old cotton or pique polo shirt for a regular old day.

2. Decide whether you want a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt.

Choose a short sleeved shirt for warmer days or under sweaters. Choose a long sleeve polo shirt for brisk fall days. Remember you can layer up on top of polo shirt and still look fashionable with the polo shirt collar sticking up through.

3. Choose a better quality polo shirt.

There are cheaper polo shirts at discount stores or super stores, but the quality will also be less than acceptable. The shirts will lose their shape in no time. The cheap polo shirts will fade and they will become less acceptable with each wash. Choose high quality polo shirts and they will last you twice as long. Choose from the original Lacoste polo shirt, Ralph Lauren, or other high quality designers. Nautica also makes a nice polo shirt that lasts many years of wear.

4. Buy a polo shirt from a reputable department store.

Stores like  Victory Eagle Sports Garment Co. ,Ltd will take it back if you have problems. They stand by their merchandise. If you buy a shirt from an outlet store, you will have difficulty returning damaged merchandise. Buy from a company who will exchange or do something for you if your months old polo shirt gets stretched out or loses its shape. Keep these tips in mind when buying your next polo shirt. 

Polo shirts are inexpensive, durable, and are useful in nearly all seasons, for nearly all occasions. Next to denim, the polo shirt in a variety of colors and stripes are an essential in any man's wardrobe.